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It’s the kind of nightmare that will have you waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Whether it’s hardware failure or human error, data loss should be the primary concern for all businesses. Data loss can occur on any device that stores your data. Any loss, or even misplacement, of data is important to your business’ ongoing success. It’s cyber-life or death.

What leads to data loss? Human error and some sort of system failure are common causes, as mentioned above, but that’s still vague. So let’s get specific so you don’t have suffer through a datapocalypse!




– Corruption of Files: Due to logical errors, your files can be corrupted. This is usually caused by software issues and invalid entries in file locations. It can also damage other files and corrupt them, which results in a loss of data. The best way to avoid this is by making sure you back up all your data to separate disk drives.


– Accidental Deletion of Data: You would be shocked at the number of people who accidentally delete their data from the hard drive. Considering the fact that around 32% of data loss occurs due to human error, it might not be that surprising. So this may sound simple, but be careful when handling your data and don’t hit the delete button.


– Computer Virus: Computer viruses might lead to corruption and loss of your important data. You must install a top-notch antivirus solution on any personal or business computer. Make sure it is up to date and strong enough to protect your computers from any virus.


– Power Failure: This seems very fitting during hurricane season. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated you think your systems are. When a storm hits, or anything else that causes tremendous power failure, you are in deep data loss trouble. Having automatic backups of your work enables you to recover from any accidents caused by power failures.


The best way to avoid data loss is all in your preparations. Protect all your workstations, storage devices with automatic, secure cloud backup. Don’t let a data disaster turn into data disappearance.

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