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Ransomware can’t touch your data in Nordic Backup. True data backup saves previous file versions for months so your files will be there when you need them.

Morten Westerberg

CEO, Nordic Backup


A typical office workstation averages about 20 GB of user data, so why do most companies charge you the same for a box with 1 GB as a one with 1 TB of data? 

Unlimited data makes sense for graphic designers and large databases, but for the majority of office workers it’s a waste of money.  That’s why our Small Business accounts have unlimited users and shared data.

Here’s an example:

  • 6 workstations with avg. 20 GB: Covered by Small Business Basic account – $20.75/mo

You’ll save more than 50% compared to the big 3 and over 10% on Carbonite.

+Free Installation for the Entire Office

Expires October 31, 2019, Book Now to Save $99



Compared to Google GSuite, Dropbox Business, OneDrive Business, and Carbonite

Nordic Backup: $20.75/mo

Google GSuite: $60/mo ($10 per account)*

DropBox Business: $90/mo ($15 per account)*

OneDrive for Business: $60/mo ($10 per account)*

Carbonite: $24/mo*

Not sure how much data you have? Here’s how to check.

Have a lot of data? Our single computer (Personal) accounts are only $4.50/mo. More than 50% less than the big 3 and 25% less than Carbonite.

Need IT help? Call us at 888-668-0447 and will connect you to one of our trusted partners in your area.

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Nordic Backup is Trusted by

City and County Governments


Public Utilities

Police Departments

Emergency Management Offices

Judicial Districts

Tax Assessors

+ Many More Public Entities

And Businesses of All Sizes


Starting at $4.50 per month our Personal account pricing is among the lowest in the industry, 25% lower than Carbonite** and more than 50% lower than Google Drive’s 1TB** account (all our personal accounts come with unlimited data).

Our storage network is built and owned by us, not rented from third party server farms, which means your data stream is not throttled or metered like other services. With our network resources running at gigabit speeds, files are backed up and recovered faster

The integrity of every file in your backup is verified and copied to multiple servers, where further file integrity checks run periodically.   As a dedicated backup company for nearly 20 years, we know how vital it is that your data be there when you need it. We are your last line of defense, a responsibility that underpins everything we do.

If you’ve experienced the multi-level support of our competitors we think you’ll appreciate our single tier, US-based, support team.  Every tech that helps you has a comprehensive knowledge of our product and of IT infrastructure in general.

Your data is continuously backed up in our Cat-5 Hurricane-proof data centers, on a storage network designed for secure data backup.  Data is redundant on multiple servers, with new versions of your files kept for 90 days, and monitored 24/7.

We are committed to our customers. When they’re hit with Ransomware, lightning strikes, hardware failures or simple blunders we are all hands on deck to get them restored quickly.  And we’re confident we get it right, in our entire history we’ve never lost a byte of customer data.

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Save More with Multi-Year Discounts

On single computer and business accounts save

  • 2 years – save 10%
  • 3 years – save 15%
  • 4 years – save 20%

Pay as little as $3.60/mo (unlimited data) for single computers

Pay as little as $16.60/mo (unlimited users) to back up your entire office

“Thank you Nordic Backup for giving us peace of mind during an emergency and always having our back!”
Laraine Lamicella

Concepts TV Productions

*Pricing reference cloudwards.net.
**Nordic Backup Home Basic Account ($4.50/mo) vs Carbonite Basic ($6.00/mo) and Google Drive 1TB ($9.99/mo)