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Any business organization in our modern world would agree that data is one of our most important resources. Both businesses and individuals would be in immense crisis if their data was lost or deleted due to a system malfunction, human error, physical damage or any kind of data disaster.

Protecting yourself from data loss should be top priority for ALL businesses, big or small. The stakes are high and the consequences are harsh if a business experiences data loss due to a number of variables— human error, virus, breach, natural disaster, or hardware failure. Even productivity losses caused by data loss can lead to financial repercussions. To lower your risk for the common causes of data loss, keep these five data loss prevention tools in your business’s back pocket:

1. Backup Your Data

The most basic and the most effective way to protect your digital assets from being lost is by continually backing them up. Continual backups guarantee that your most recently edited and created files can be easily retrieved. This, paired with access to previous file versions, will allow you to go back in time to recover nearly any files you’ve lost, accidentally modified, or that have become infected with a virus.

While cloud storage is a fantastic pre-emptive measure to take, some industries also require backup in order to comply with industry regulations. The investment into a superior backup service is well worth the time and money saved.

There are easy-to-use backup systems available for businesses, which work seamlessly in the background and are reasonably priced. In case of a natural disaster, local failure, virus, or human error, your data can be accessed quickly and easily, so your business doesn’t skip a beat. And it’s all backed up through an encrypted protocol for data transfer, an important requirement because it diminishes risks of any data breach. 

2. Employee Education

Your employees are also a great asset of defense against data loss. Keeping them aware of data security best practices is key because most internal security breaches are unintentional acts. Lost mobile devices is amongst the most common ways data is at risk. These risks can be reduced with continual education and reiteration of your company’s security policies, which should certainly include backup of both desktops and laptops in case of theft or loss.

3. Protect your physical assets

Make sure your computers and local servers are protected and housed in the proper conditions. Physical damage can be a major cause for data loss. But if you can prevent damage, you can protect your data. Keep your devices in a dry, well-ventilated area so the risks of water damage and overheating are low. If you rely on external storage devices for storing any important data, be sure to schedule backups for these devices as well so that the information on them won’t be lost to physical or electrical damage. It’s never a good idea to keep all of your eggs in one basket.


4. Antivirus Protection

Another key data loss prevention tool is the antivirus software application. It prevents detects and removes malicious viruses, trojans, and other forms of malware. Antivirus software is as good as the last update and can affect a computer’s performance. Antivirus software is not a full solution, but paired with a firewall the software can be effective as long as it’s updated frequently.

5. Practice good organization

Keep your folders and files well labeled, and well organized. Sometimes a file you thought was deleted was simply misnamed or misplaced. Having a data organization system in place that you and your employees follow will ward off unnecessary loss. Thoroughly well organized data will also help your company get back up on its feet faster in the event of a true data loss situation. As long as you’ve taken the proper precautions to backing up your data, you’ll be restore it with much greater ease if it’s arranged in a logical way.

Backing up data is essential in assuring that catastrophic events will not cause total data loss. Every business should utilize this data loss prevention tool as one of their most important precautions. The potential repercussions from data loss can be expensive and devastating. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Backup your data today with Nordic Backup.


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