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Cloud storage isn’t just about security and dependability, it’s also about control — being able to manage your data and access it when you need it. Your small business has unique needs that can benefit from the performance and security advantages of a cloud-based virtual infrastructure and cloud computing. But which type of cloud solution is right for you? Public cloud storage and private cloud storage each have their own advantages, disadvantages, and implications.

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What should I know about Public Cloud Storage?

The most distinguished factor of public cloud storage is the sharing of computing resources among a network of users, allowing for greater flexibility and cost savings for you. This storage platform is hosted by a third-party provider to be delivered and used over the Internet, cutting capital expenses completely and only requiring manageable monthly fees. It also uses storage capacity and processor power that is not owned by the business itself, and the management responsibility is held by the vendor — who specializes in providing this service.

Because maintaining and securing the infrastructure is the responsibility of the vendor, small businesses can streamline and minimize the time and money spent on IT operations and system upkeep. If your business growth is dynamic, including seasonality and promotional offerings, and your demand for computing resources changes from day to day, but cash for hardware purchases is limited, public cloud storage is the more affordable option.

If you need a server to host your data, there are also public server hosting providers that allow you to reap the benefits of a server hosted in the cloud, without the expenses required to build one yourself.

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What about Private Cloud Storage?

Private cloud storage is similar to a public cloud storage, but critical information is stored within a system of privately dedicated resources. Calling this cloud storage private doesn’t refer to any heightened security advantage, but just that it’s comprised of non-shared resources. It’s essentially an extension of a pre-existing traditional data center, optimized to provide the storage capacity and processing power needed for a business’s functions. This demands more on the business’s resources to specify, purchase, house, update, maintain, and safeguard the physical infrastructure, along with its primary functions.

Furthermore, private cloud storage can be more costly — it’s a large initial expense, plus the added investment required as more capacity is needed and new equipment is added. Private cloud storage is for companies with stringent regulatory and security requirements that limit ability to share resources, a predictable pattern of consistent networking demands, and with unlimited funds for managing computing power.

So, which one do you need for your small business?

Overwhelmingly, public cloud storage over private is more cost effective and has more benefits that are the best for small businesses. Whether you’re running a law firm, medical practice, graphic design group, or any small business, being proactive with your cloud storage is important. Why not get started with unlimited online storage with Nordic Backup? Or a complete hosted solution in the cloud by Secure Data Center

With a small business cloud storage solution from Nordic Backup, you’ll get backup for an unlimited number of computers, unlimited previous file versioning, remote file restore, end-to-end encryption, and automatically and continuously synced backup — all features that will strengthen your business’s data storage, security and recovery abilities for very little cost. Try 3 months FREE cloud backup for your business right now, no credit card needed!


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