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Having off-site, network backup for your firm is essential. If all of your data is contained in one physical place a lightning strike or crypto-virus can cause catastrophic data loss. With over 15 years serving law firms, we understand how to backup and restore vital systems like PCLaw, Time Matters, Pro Law, Juris, LexisNexis, and others. We work with you to identify which systems and data must be restored first so down time is minimized.

We start by scheduling backups for all your devices daily. By doing so, you can limit the chances of a workplace disaster. Since human error accounts for nearly 32% of all data loss, having an automated backup plan can remove everyday mistakes from the equation.

Network backup should be the main focus of your disaster recovery plan. It’s smart and extremely easy to set up for every device in the office.

Last year, one of the largest law firms in the world was paralyzed by the Petya Ransomware attack. Their phones, emails and entire web portal were all down. Without any access to communications or documents, operations were grounded. This lasted weeks, costing the firm millions. All because of a lack of a disaster plan.

Data breaches and office downtime go hand-in-hand. Plan ahead. Call us and we’ll help you plan and implement your data backup.

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