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When people discuss cloud backup, it’s done in an almost mythical jargon. With this comes many misconceptions. Not everyone is really clued in on all the ins and outs of uploading files onto the cloud, which sometimes leads to serious consequences.

There are certain myths about cloud backup, data backup, that need to be dispelled. The first one that comes to mind is that it takes forever to backup. Online backup does take longer than wired backup (USB, firewall) for people who still surf the web with a dial-up modem. Yes, I’m sure they still exist. Now if you have a reasonably fast internet connection speed, your data can be transferred quickly.

Isn’t it expensive to back it up? Perhaps in the early part of this century. Things have changed since then and storage prices have become quite inexpensive. So instead of wondering the cost of backup, ask yourself… how much is your data worth to you? Pretend you are holding it for ransom. When you take it all into account, you will realize that something between $5 and $10 a month is worth it, and won’t burn a hole through your wallet.

One myth that never seems to go away is the one about doing it all on your own. Some online backup services make data backup an easy task. As with most things in life, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Every data backup scenario is different and can require additional, individual analysis. It’s more than just signing up for a service and that’s the end of that. People who make a living with their PCs for their businesses and finances, will learn quickly that it’s a mistake to sign up and forget about it. Stay on top of the situation.



Another myth that needs some serious debunking: “Cloud backup is the same thing as cloud storage.” Cloud backup is basically about two files. One on your main device, and another stored elsewhere. There are some backup providers that will keep files forever. This serves as an online file storage center without requiring a local copy on your machine. So the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage all comes down to the usage of the files. Are you looking to keep those files on your device because you need constant access to back them up, or do you want to outsource them to free up disk space storage? Choose wisely.

And finally we come to something we just don’t any time for. The myth that a data backup takes way too much time. This kind of goes back to earlier when we mentioned having a fast internet connection makes things easier. Of course, this depends on how much data you need to be restored. It can take a while to get all your files down to your machine. Which is why it is best to always having a current local backup at hand for when all data hell breaks loose.

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