Is Your Data Facility Prepared For A Hurricane? | Secure Cloud Backup Software | Nordic Backup

As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida this weekend, it’s important know if your data facility is hurricane ready. Do you know your data center’s level of readiness?

Two examples of this (one bad, one good) are Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the recent Hurricane Harvey. Close to ten data centers struggled with connectivity and service issues when Sandy hit Manhattan. Many businesses in the NYC region were shut down for a number of days, even weeks. In the case of Harvey, the news was a little brighter. All the wind, rain and flooding did not affect Houston as badly as it could have. Houston’s data storage centers came up strong.

You can’t predict exactly when and where a storm will hit until it’s too late. You certainly can’t be sure of how much damage can occur either. So what can you be sure of? That your data is being stored in a hurricane-proof facility.

Our data center’s roof and walls are built to withstand 160mph Category 5 winds. The facility sits 8’ higher than the surrounding area, and sheds water at an extremely high rate. The facility receives two independent power feeds, and either feed can provide power to the entire facility. Our data center currently has 60 hours of fuel for the jet turbine generators, and 110 hours of fuel for the diesel generators. Our data center has contracts with multiple fuel providers, including Foster Fuels, which has Emergency Response Teams that deliver fuel to companies during times of disaster, and they can deliver fuel to the center within 48 hours of a request.

Our data center is staffed 24 hours a day, everyday, with both engineering and security personnel. It’s also important to have customer care during a weather crisis like this. Which is why our tech support team is always at the ready. When the worst is about to happen, have the best ready.

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