How to Restore—and Backup—Your Business | Secure Cloud Backup Software | Nordic Backup

Plan your backup with the restore in mind

The first and most important data to target for backup is data your firm uses daily. Consider this from the point of view of restoring business as usual: if all my data were lost, what data will I need today, this week, to meet my clients’ needs? Secondly, target supporting data like logos and advertising along with mandatory archives like financial data and historical data. Targeting the essential data makes the restoration process faster and more efficient, shortening your down time. Old school full backup of everything feels reassuring, but it’s a time-consuming mess to restore.


Choose the ideal place to store the backup—with the restore in mind

Backups protect you from daily mishaps, viruses, and worst-case “total loss” scenarios like ransomware attacks and natural disasters. The backup should be safely out of harm’s way, but also accessible from anywhere in case you need to relocate temporarily. Traditional tape and drive backup solutions require hands-on handling and storage logistics. Over the past decade these have been replaced by fully automated, offsite backup service providers.


Pick the right backup (and restore) provider

Look at the provider like any other new business partner. Is their website professional and does it provide answers to your questions? Are the basics like physical address, email, and phone number easy to find? Do they answer the phone and without hesitation and advise you on the best way to backup and restore your data?

Focus on restoration. Anyone can make a backup (copy) of your data, but few have the knowledge and processes in place to build an easily restorable data set. Remember, you have time to plan and execute your backup, but restoration is urgent, so pick a backup provider with a restore-focused mission.


Compare cost, but don’t get cheap

Your data is your business, your business is your data! How do you value your data? Very simple, imagine coming to work tomorrow and everything is gone, every single computer is empty. Like anything else, you get what you pay for, so pick the provider and solution that focuses on the swift restore of your business rather than just storing your data at a low cost. The cost of securing the restoration of your business is minuscule compared to the alternative, so choose wisely.


Use your gut feeling

This is about protecting your business and putting its restoration in the hands of a partner that you trust and feel good about. Make sure they answer all your questions, explain the solution, and follow up with you. Make them earn your business, don’t just give it to them.

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