Five Questions You Need To Ask Your IT Department | Secure Cloud Backup Software | Nordic Backup

Having state-of-the-art, secure online storage for your company’s data doesn’t mean you can shut off your brain and relax. Sure, a solid file backup system spares you the work of changing and storing backup tapes, burning DVDs, copying your files to external hard drives, etc.

But there are still basic questions you might need to ask your IT department. Such as…



IS YOUR COMPANY’S CURRENT BACKUP SOLUTION RELIABLE? You want to be sure that simple actions like the setup, or having available tech support, and no interruptions is a given. It’s the small stuff we take for granted.


CAN YOU RESTORE YOUR DATA AND WILL IT BE VALID? No matter what happens to your data, you should be able to get it all back in just a few clicks. The longer the process becomes, the more of a headache it will be.


IS ALL OF YOUR OFFICE’S CRITICAL DATA BEING BACKED UP? It better be, but the followup question is really “how often?” A week? A day? An hour? All of the above. Think about a disaster hitting your workplace, whether it’s a natural one or just human error, and how much you can lose in the blink of an eye.


DOES YOUR COMPANY HAVE A DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN? They need to in order to make sure that hardware failure doesn’t interrupt your service or cause you to lose data. Better to have a plan in place, than just wing it.


IN CASE OF HARDWARE FAILURE, HOW LONG WILL YOUR DOWNTIME BE? As they say, time is money. When it comes to running a successful business, even a couple of hours out of commission can be harmful.




Make sure your backup is fully automatic, this way you won’t have to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements. Your online storage system needs to safeguard data that can range from a single gigabyte to thousands of gigabytes.


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