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We see and hear the term all the time now. Malware. We think we know the ins and outs of it, but there are multiple ways malware can affect businesses. According to a 2014 cyber-security industry report, around 20% of business computers were hosting some type of malware. So you can image where it stands now in 2017.

Actually, malware is a rather vague term and it encompasses multiple threats. Each threat on your computer can be lethal and they all attack in different ways.


Ransomware holds your computer and its files hostage and viruses attack and spread to other computers associated with your business. This has been a top story on the news for some time now.

Adware can be harmful for businesses due to easy access. It boils down to software that automatically downloads unwanted advertising material.

Spyware sounds like a cool title for an espionage action flick, but in reality it’s software whose goal is to gather as much info about your company without you ever knowing, or knowing when the damage has already been done.

Trojan Horse is one of the all-time most treacherous viruses. It’s used to hack into your company’s computers by misleading it’s true intent. If you know your Greek history, it will make sense.


This is why it’s so important for your organization to have a reliable cloud-based backup system. Even if your company’s computers aren’t under attack, it’s wise to be regularly backing up your files. Nordic Backup creates a complete backup of your entire system, as well as sending you a backup report that detects which files have been recently changed. This backup report often reveals suspicious activity and is one of the earliest ways to detect a malicious activity on your device. A prime example is when a suspicious number of files are being updated in one day.

Don’t lose your data forever! Backup your files today with our 30 day FREE trial to insure your data against virus threats.

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