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When you’re looking to protect your business’s data, it can be intimidating to sort through your options. For example, you might not know the difference between data storage companies and cloud backup services. It’s easy to assume that they are different names for the same service. However, that assumption is incorrect. While data storage and cloud backup are both useful, they serve very different purposes. They aren’t the same thing, and it’s crucial for you to know why. When it comes to keeping your files safe from destruction, cloud backup is the way to go. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand why.

Data Storage Companies and Cloud Backup Companies: How they differ

Data storage companies and cloud backup companies both store your files in the cloud, but the services they provide differ greatly.

Data storage companies aim to help you easily move individual files to the cloud for any reason you might need to, whether you’re storing them for future retrieval, sharing them with someone else, collaborating on a document with another user, or transferring them between devices. Cloud storage is convenient and serves this purpose well.

Cloud backup services protect all your computer’s data from destruction, in a format that guarantees that you can retrieve them later no matter what happens to your computer. Depending on the company you select, they may offer automatic and continuous back so that as files are being created and changed, these updates will be mirrored in your cloud backup as well. It is the best way to keep your computer’s files safe.

How does cloud backup keep my files safe?

By protecting all of your your files in a cloud-based, backup location, they are kept safe from any number of problems that can affect your business, including disasters, cyber-criminals, and simple human error. Cloud backup services provide a comprehensive backup of every file on your computer, which are then stored on an encrypted server, so only you can access them when you need to. If your computer fails at any point, you don’t have to worry about losing important files: they are waiting to be retrieved in the cloud, and once you have a new computer up and running, you can get them back without missing a beat.

What if I’ve already lost data?

Whichever service you select, neither cloud backup nor cloud storage can help you retrieve your files if you didn’t save them to the cloud prior to the data loss event. However, if you think your files are permanently deleted, it is sometimes still possible to restore lost files. If you can access the hard drive, file recovery programs like Recuva and Norton Utilities can often restore files that you might think are lost. If accessing the hard drive is a challenge, contact an IT specialist to help.

Why not just use a physical hard drive to backup my files?

It’s simple: If your backup hard drive is damaged, you might lose your backup. It’s more than possible for your computer and backup hard drive to be damaged at the same time. If your backup is in the cloud, it’s safe no matter what happens to your computer.

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud backup services, contact Nordic Backup today. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your business’s data!

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