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Data backup is a very common term these days, but we don’t always know or understand what’s behind it all. The major questions you have to ask are: why do we backup our data? And how should you be doing it?

Data backup is perhaps the most important area of your business IT and sometimes becomes taken for granted. Data is essential to the smooth running of any business, and without it your company is toast. When someone says they are “backing up” their data, it means that they are making a copy of the most important files. Why it’s important is because it can be used if the original copy is lost. It’s best if the second copy is stored in a different, secured location.

How does one lose data? Some of the most common causes are PC failure, human error, cyber-theft, natural disasters, and anything else that looks like something out of an insurance commercial. The growing numbers of computer viruses are a clear and present danger to your business info. When these viruses have infected a machine, they begin deleting and corrupting all your company’s vital data.

Choosing which data to backup is half the battle. First things first, you want to make sure you have a copy of all your business information. Think about what your organization would need to continue functioning normally, if your data were to be stolen. Clients addresses, all your contact info, your client’s account information, important documents, etc. They can all vanish in a flash. When you think about the importance of secure data backup, you must think about all the time and effort it took you to collate all the information. If something were to happen, you lose all that time spent into running your business.

The bottom line is backing up your data protects your company from horrendous damages and makes you feel as secure as the data you are protecting.

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