Are You Prepared Today, For A Data Disaster Tomorrow? | Secure Cloud Backup Software | Nordic Backup
hurricane season

If a hurricane was to hit your business and wipe out your entire network and computers tomorrow, would you be prepared for it today? With Hurricane Irma in full swing, and Jose and Katia knocking on the door, the idea of waiting until disaster strikes before you start thinking about your data backup is not an option. Having a business continuity plan is essential, otherwise you might be among the many businesses that are unable to recover after a disaster.

While you need for water, gas, and other supplies before a storm hits, there is something else you need desperately. Data backups are an important part of your overall disaster recovery plan. It creates a copy of your files and information and stores it in the cloud, an offsite server, or some combination of the two. This will reduce any risks to your business if you experience data loss in your office due to a major storm or any other event that affects your building and equipment. Backups should be automatic and frequent for the best protection. Remember this important piece of advice: you can never backup your data too often!

Your greatest asset is your data and intellectual property. Without it, you are lost. In the event of a disaster or a major evacuation, you don’t just want to stay safe. You want to make sure all your data is as safe and secure as you are. Imagine all the people evacuating Key West and Miami during Irma. Now imagine them coming back days later. What will they have lost? What will be saved? Your data is just like the rest of your valuables. As this storm continues to move up the coast early next week, keep all of this in mind. Backup your data and protect your hardware from the elements.

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