20 Reasons You Should Choose Nordic Backup for Your Company's Data

20 Reasons you should choose Nordic Backup

data backup for medical offices

1. Pro data restoration

Our Pro techs will be there to make sure your data is restored, by remote access if necessary.

2. US-based professional IT support

Get quick answers from in-house support on your schedule.

3. Remote installation support

Our Pro techs can remote into your computer and install the software for you.

4. Master-level experience restoring industry-specific apps

From financial databases to POS systems, our techs have restored it all and can help you get back up and running fast.

5. Same-day total system recovery in the cloud

When you use ShadowProtect, your computer, operating system and all, can be restored to a new box the same day.

6. Cat5 Hurricane-proof data centers

Our data centers are rated to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, that’s wind speeds over 156 MPH.

7. Highest rated, most durable hardware

We use only the most durable hardware on the market in our storage network.

8. Transparent pricing, from personal to large enterprise

Our pricing is available for everyone to see. We welcome price comparisons.

9. Storage network wholly owned by Nordic Backup

Nordic Backup designed, built, and maintains our own storage network. We do not rent someone else’s cloud, we have have our own.

10. Data centers with 4 levels of physical security

It’s not only our software security that’s impressive, our physical data centers are secure facilities. From guard gates to mantraps, your data is locked up tight.

11. End to end data encryption

And yes, our software is equipped with end to end military grade encryption.

12. Unlimited (non-throttled) file backup speeds

We do not throttle our backup speeds to save money, which means your files get backed up sooner.

13. Hassle-free, continuous backup

Our software works continuously behind the scenes using very little system resources.

14. Unlimited previous file versions

Our system keeps all the versions of files you save, so you can go back in time if necessary.

15. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, among others, compliance

Thanks to our data and physical security our system meets all security requirements of major compliance specifications.

16. Mac, Windows, and Linux support

We support all major OS platforms as well as all major server OS platforms.

17. Seed load service

If you have a slow internet connection, we can send you a hard drive for your initial large file backup.

18. Partners all over the US

Nordic Backup has IT partners all over the US who trust Nordic Backup with all their customers’ data. We can recommend one of our trusted partners if you need on-site help.

19. Data centers in the US and Europe

With data centers in both the US and Denmark Nordic Backup has the ultimate safety net for your data.

20. Dedicated IT staff working behind the scenes

Our professional IT staff is a bit obsessive about or storage system, we admit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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