About the Nordic Backup Reseller Program Nordic Backup Resellers are authorized to sell our products to their home, small business, and enterprise customers. With our 9 different product offers, each and every one of your customers will be able to take advantage of our secure online backup solution. As a Reseller, you will be expected to assist your customers with the installation and configuration of all Nordic Backup Products, and continue to offer first hand support to your customers throughout the life of their accounts. To assist you in accomplishing your Reseller goals; Nordic Backup supplies free marketing materials, handles all monthly invoicing to your customers, and has 24 hour Technical Support available to you in case of an emergency customer restore. There are no fees or hidden costs, and you stand to profit from your sales with up to 30% in recurring commissions. Becoming a Nordic Backup Reseller is simple; complete the application below and submit it for approval, and you’re on your way!

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