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How to restore Microsoft SQL Server with Nordic Backup Pro
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To begin a restore of files in Nordic Backup Pro, open NB Pro and click on "Restore". Open Nordic Backup Pro and click Restore
Choose the backup set to restore, if you have multiple backups setup in your account. Select the set to restore and click Next to choose the database. Select the backup set to restore

First, you can select the date which to restore at the top next to "Show files as of Job". By default, your latest backup will be selected. In the left pane, expand down to the name of the database you wish to restore, then check the .BAK file to restore in the right pane. You will also need to specify the location to restore files to by clicking on 'Change'. Once a location has been selected with enough free space to accomodate the restore, click on 'Start Restore'. Check the database file to restore
Once the database file has been restored, click on Close. Click on Close once restore is complete

Open the Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studio, expand the databases, then right click on 'System Databases'. Select 'Restore Database...' as shown. Select Restore Database
In the 'Restore Databases' dialog box, click the radio button next to 'From Device' in the source for restore section. Click on the button on the right side to select the file. Click From Device to select the restore database

In the 'Specify Backup' screen, click on 'Add' on the right side. Add the file location to restore
Expand the drive where you restored the data. Your restored data will be located under the folder structure of %drive%/Microsoft SQL Server/%Servername%/%SQLVersion%/%Databasename%/*.bak file. Select the .BAK file, then click 'OK'. Select the .BAK file for restore

In the 'Specify Backup' dialog, you will now see the backup location listed of the .BAK you selected. Click 'Add' if you would like to restore multiple databases at one time, otherwise click 'OK'. Confirm that the backup location is added
Click on the drop down on the right side of the 'Restore Database' dialog next to 'To database' to select the original database name (or type a new one in the box). Then check the box next to the database name under the 'Restore' column to confirm the database files to restore. Click 'OK' to perform the restore operation. Select the database name or type a new one

The database process will be completed once all data is written back to the SQL server. Click 'OK' when completed. Click OK when restore is completed
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You have now completed the restore of Microsoft SQL Server data in Nordic Backup Pro.
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