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How to restore Mac files with Nordic Backup
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Restoring files in Nordic Backup on MAC OS X
To begin a restore of files in Nordic Backup, open Nordic Backup and click on "Restore". Select Restore button to begin the restore process
Your backup set(s) will be displayed here. Select the backup set you want to restore and click Next to browse and restore your files. Expand the tree to browse the files available for restore

This browser displays all the files in your backup set. Start selecting a backup date and time from which to restore by clicking on the drop down box at the top, next to "Show files as of Job:" This allows you to select what date to restore data from.

Alternatively, you can select "show all files," and that will show you every version of your files from all backup jobs.

After the date you would like to restore has been selected, expand the tree of files on the left pane.

Check the box of the file or folder to be restored. If the boxes are filled with grey, that indicates that a file/folder is selected lower in the file tree.

You may also change the location that the data will be restored to at the bottom of the page. By default, the files will be restored to the original location. By selecting "Alternate Location", you can click on the "Change" button in the bottom right to set the destination folder for the restore.
Select the files/folders to be restored
You may also check the box to "Restore file permissions" at the bottom right before running the restore. This option is used to set the same file permissions that were on the original files and folders when they were backed up. Without this option, the file inherits the security of the folder it is being restored to, which may be desirable in certain cases. The restore job is running

Once begun, your backup data will begin to download into the specified location.

Afterward, all files and folders that were selected will now be available at the specified location.
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You have now completed the restore of files in Nordic Backup on MAC OS X.
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