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How to backup Windows System State with Nordic Backup Pro
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This guide is for setting up Nordic Backup to get a System State backup of a windows machine. These instructions apply only to Windows XP/Vista and Server 2003. We recommend that you secure the system state in case it is necessary to restore the entire system. The System State constitues a number of items including the System Registry, Com + Database, SysVol, Active Directory (if applicable), Certificate Services (if applicable), and IIS Metabase (if applicable). These are critical components that will be needed in the case of a full system restore. To begin the configuration of Nordic Backup, launch the program from the desktop. Click on the "Backup Settings" button at the bottom. Click on Backup Settings to begin creating a new backup set
Click on the "Plus" (+) sign to open a new backup set. Click the plus sign to open a new backup job

In the new backup set wizard, set a descriptive name for the backup job. For example "Server 01 System State". Click on the drop down to select the type of backup data, by default it will be set to file backup. Select "System State Backup". Click "Next" to continue. Set a descriptive name for the backup job
Adjust the scheduling options by clicking on the "Properties" button. By default, the backup set will run on Friday night at 9pm. Click on the Properties button to adjust the schedule

To change the schedule, you have four options:
  • Daily, if you want to backup 7 days a week.
  • Weekly, if you want to backup on selected days.
  • Monthly, if you want to backup on certain days of the month.
  • Custom, if you want to take one backup at a specific time.
Under "Start", select the time of day when the backup starts. The backup job will continue until it is complete. Click "OK" in the scheduling box, then "Next" when you are finished customizing the schedules.
Adjust the backup schedule
On this screen you may set the encryption for this backup set. You can choose between “Default” and “Custom". If you choose "Default” your files will be encrypted with the password you use to log into the Nordic Backup Pro. **Note that the encryption key then is fixed and does not change if you subsequently change the password of your account.** We recommend that you select "Custom" and enter an encryption key of your choice in the 2 bottom boxes. It is important that you choose an encryption key which only you know, thus assuring that you are the only who can access your files through Nordic Backup. **Please note that your databases cannot be restored without the encryption key. It is important that you keep it in a safe location, in case you lose your computer.** We recommend that you select the following options for encryption:
  • AES algorithm
  • CBC mode
  • 256 bits
  • Your encryption key must be at least 8 characters including upper case letters and lower case letters and at least one number.
Click "OK" to continue.
Set your encryption key to secure your data
After the System State backup set has been created, there are some advanced settings to adjust. You will need to ensure that the temporary location for storing the backup has enough free space and is not included in a regular file backup. You should also verify the Retention settings are appropriate. By clicking the "Backup Settings" button on the main screen, you can see and change settings for each backup set. Adjust Backup Settings
Options Here you can select the folder for temporary files. We recommend that you select the drive which has the most free disk space, but it may not be the C drive. When using Server 2008, only a drive can be specified for the storage location for the System State. In that case, the temporary files will be stored on the root until the backup job is completed. Otherwise you can select the folder to temporarily store the backup files. You may click on the "Change" button on the far right to adjust the location. Set options for backups

Retention policy Retention is an important part of any backup because it specifies how long a backup set from the source server is retained on the backup server. By default, Nordic Backup is configured to retain data for 7 days. However, Nordic Backup Pro can retain all changes for as long as you want, but be advised that all data is counted toward your backup quota. If you would like to increase or decrease your data storage limit, it can be managed through the Nordic Backup website at any time. We recommend you set Retention time to 30 days minimum. Adjust retention time of files backed up
US v1.0
You have now completed the configuration of the System State Backup set in Nordic Backup Pro.
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