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How to backup Mac files with Nordic Backup Pro
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01 - Login
To the right on the menu bar on the Nordic Backup website you will find "Login". Click here to open the login page. Login to website to download Nordic Backup Pro
Log in to your Nordic Backup account with your user name and password. Click OK. Login to website to download Nordic Backup Pro
02 - Downloading Nordic Backup Pro
Click on "Nordic Backup Pro - Click here to install” to open the the download page where you can download Nordic Backup Pro on operating systems. Click to go to download page

Change the operating system in this list at the top of the page. Change the selection to Apple Macintosh. Select for your operating system
Click on the Nordic Backup Pro installation file [] and "run" this after completing the download. The archive utility will then unpack the files needed for installation. Extract the files after download is complete
Double click on the "OBM.PKG" to start the installer. Start the installer package
03 - Installing Nordic Backup Pro
Click continue to start the installation process. Click continue to begin the installation process
We recommend you quit all other applications before continuing installation. Click "Continue". Click continue after you have quit all other applications

Read and accept the user’s agreement to continue the installation. Click the "Continue" and then "Agree" to continue. Review the user agreement before accepting
Choose where you want Nordic Backup Pro to be installed by clicking on the volume. A green arrow will appear over the volume if there is enough space available. Click "Continue". Customize where the program is installed

Nordic Backup Pro is now ready to be installed. Click "Install" to begin installation. Click install to run
Enter the local account information that has permissions to install programs. Installation is now in progress.

Nordic Backup Pro is now running the installation process. Click finish to exit and begin using Nordic Backup Pro
Nordic Backup Pro is now installed. Click "Close" to exit. Click finish to exit and begin using Nordic Backup Pro
04 - Configuring Nordic Backup Pro
Double-click on the Nordic Backup Pro icon now appearing on the desktop to launch the program. Launch the software from the desktop
Complete the backup server address with the address you received by e-mail. Pay attention to any spaces if you copy-and-paste the address. The link should be HTTPS. If you need the address of the backup server, you can also find this by logging into your account on our website. The address will appear at the bottom of the first page. Click "Next" to begin the connection to Nordic Backup. Fill in backup server address provided in your welcome email

Enter login (username) and password. Note that in the Nordic Backup Pro your username must be written in upper case letters. You may also choose the check box so that you can save your password. Click "OK" to continue to connect to Nordic Backup's secure server. Enter your backup account information
A new window called "New Backup Set Wizard” opens automatically. We recommend that you set a descriptive name such as "My File Backup" or "Server01 - File". Then click "Next". Configure your backup set
Here you select the files and folders you want to back up. Use the 'Advanced' button for a detailed selection of the files and folders to be backed up. By default, Nordic Backup Pro suggests the following folders:
  • Documents
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Desktop
  • Music
The gray box next to "NB” indicates that there are selected folders / files on the volume. Use the arrow next to the volume/folders to expand to see more. Once you have selected your folders/files for backup, click "Next".
Select files/folders for backup
Choose how often the Nordic Backup Pro should automatically start the backup by selecting the 'Properties' button in the bottom right. The default setting sets the backup at 9pm (21:00 hours) every day. The computer must be turned on and connected to the Internet. It should not go into standby or sleep/hibernation while the backup is running. If your computer is not turned on or connected to the Internet at the scheduled time, you will receive a "Scheduled Backup Error" reminder e-mail from Nordic Backup. Click Properties to edit the backup schedule
To change the schedule, you have four options:
  • Daily, if you want to backup 7 days a week.
  • Weekly, if you want to backup on selected days.
  • Monthly, if you want to backup on certain days of the month.
  • Custom, if you want to take one backup at a specific time.
Under "Start", select the time of day when the backup starts. In the "Stop" section, you can enter whether the backup should stop after a certain number of hours. Should the backup, for instance, start at 9pm (21:00 hours) and set to stop after 12 hours backing up as much data as possible, it will stop at 9am (09:00 hours). Click "OK" to save the schedule. By clicking "Add" you can create multiple schedules for backup, for example, if it is to start/stop different on weekdays compared to weekends. Click "OK" in the scheduling box, then "Next"when you are finished customizing the schedules.
Adjust backup schedule to fit your scheduling
On this screen you set the encryption for this backup set. You can choose between “Default” and “Custom” If you choose "Default” your files will be encrypted with the password you use to log into the Nordic Backup Pro. Note that the encryption key then is fixed and does not change if you subsequently change the password. We recommend that you select "Custom" and enter an encryption key of your choice for maximum security. Click "OK" to complete the backup set if "Default" is your selection. Set your encryption key
It is important that you choose an encryption key which only you know, thus assuring that you are the only who can access your files through Nordic Backup. Please note that your files cannot be restored without the encryption key. It is important that you keep it in a safe location, in case you lose your computer. We recommend that you select the following options for encryption:
  • AES algorithm
  • CBC mode
  • 256 bits
  • Your encryption key must be at least 8 characters including upper case letters and lower case letters and at least one number.
Click "OK" to complete the backup set.
Set an advanced encryption key to secure your data

05 - Customization of Nordic Backup Pro
By clicking the "Backup Settings" button on the main screen, you can see and change settings for each backup set. Adjust Backup Settings
In the "Backup Setting" screen you can adjust any of your backup sets. To select which set to change, click on the drop down arrow button on the main screen, you can see and change settings for each backup set. If you have backup sets that belong to another machine you are backing up, do not adjust settings except from the client software directly on that machine. Select the backup set to change Nordic Backup
Backup Source Click on the "Advanced" button to check for the files and folders selected for backup. You can always change your choice and add or remove files and folders from the backup. Note that if you deselect files or folders which have already been backed up, then at the next backup they will be recorded as deleted and Nordic Backup Pro transfers the files to the archive. They are then under the Retention Policy rules and will be deleted permanently after the specified number of days. This will allow the storage space to be released when the file are discarded according to Retention Policies. Adjust files/folders for backup

Backup Schedule Here you can see the timetable for the scheduler to start the backup. By default Nordic Backup Pro begins backup every day at 9pm (21:00 hours). The computer must be turned on and connected to the Internet. It should not go into standby or sleep/hibernation while the backup is running. If your computer is not turned on or connected to the Internet at the scheduled time, you will receive a "Scheduled Backup Error" message e-mail from Nordic Backup. Set the backup scheduling options
Encryption Here you can see the encryption key that is used for backup and restores. Check the box to see what the current key is set to. The backup set will have to be re-created if you want to change the algorithm or mode used. You may only view the key on this screen. Note that your files cannot be restored without the encryption key, therefore it is important that you save this in a safe place where you can find it, in case you lose your computer. Change encryption key used for securing data
In-File Delta Delta Block mode is very suitable for backup of large files, as it only takes backup of the changes in the file itself. Even if a file is 1 GB, it can easily change as little as 50 MB. After the initial full backup, changes are then the only part of the large file that is backed up. We recommend that you use the default settings. "Incremental" A small block for each change since the complete backup. Advantage: Fast backup and minimum consumption of storage space. Disadvantage: Slower recovery, since many small Delta blocks must be downloaded since the last full was taken. "Differential" A growing block with all changes since the complete backup Advantage: Quick Restore because few larger files must be downloaded Disadvantage: Takes up more storage and backup becomes progressively slower due to the growing Delta Block. Change Delta Block settings for large files
Retention policy Use this feature to configure how long the changed and deleted files are to be stored in the archive. Only changed files are affected by the retention policy, current (unchanged) files will reside on the backup forever. We recommend that you make use of the many benefits of Nordic Backup Pro offers as an online backup system. Nordic Backup Pro can retain all changes up to one year of backups (365 days), but be advised that all data is counted toward your backup quota. If you would like to increase or decrease your data storage limit, it can also be managed through the Nordic Backup website at any time. We recommend you set Retention time to 30 days minimum. Adjust retention time of files backed up

Backup Filter Here you can create filters either select or deselect files or folders for backup. You can, for example, create a filter that includes all .MP3 or .MOV files on the volume/directory selected for backup. After you create filters, you can check and see the effect of these under the "Backup Source" where those files will be selected or deselected. Use filter to customize backup selections based on file extension
Command line tool Here you can set up "Pre-backup" and "Post-backup" batch commands the computer must run. For example, you can setup a batch command to close another program or stop a service before the backup starts and then resume the original program after the backup is finished. Tip: For unsupported databases (also known as flat file databases), you can create a "Pre-backup" script which stops the database, copies it to a temporary directory and starts the database again. Include the temporary folder in the backup selection and Nordic Backup Pro will then upload the database files to the backup and the database has only been offline for a short amount of time. You can also create an "Post-backup" script that deletes the temporary folder after the backup is finished. Setup pre/post commands to run actions automatically with a backup

Local Copy This option enables you to opt in to a local backup of selected files without modifying archives. We do not recommend using the local copy, because only the changes from the last backup are saved. The function can be used to store an extra copy, an external hard drive, for example, which is then replaced periodically. This is similar to the old tape / hard disk backups. Enabling the local copy option

Options Here you can select the folder for temporary files. We recommend that you select the drive which has the most free disk space. Follow Symbolic Links option will backup a symbolic link to link a file/directory from another directory. This setting defines whether you want Nordic Backup to traverse any symbolic links encountered on your backup path. Set options for backups
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You have now completed the setup instructions for installation and configuration of Nordic Backup Pro on MAC OS X.
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