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Features and Pricing

Personal Computer Backup

Personal Computer Backup accounts are designed to protect the data on a single computer. For most users the Personal Computer Backup account will protect all vital data; this account backs up data on the primary drive. While this account filters out some media file types you can add any file type to your backup by contacting support.

Advanced Backup

The Advanced Backup account is differentiated by the amount of storage included in the account, all other features are the same. With Advanced Backup you can add any number of computers and unlimited drives which share the same data pool. By contrast, Personal Computer accounts are for a single computer. For an additional fee, these accounts can add server modules for specialized backup and 24/7 pro support. These items are included in PRO accounts and are the reason for much of the cost savings in Small Business accounts.

Professional Backup

Professional Backup includes unlimited servers/computers, drives, and comes with most server modules as well as 24/7 pro support. There are minimal fees for some modules and services. This service is for enterprise data that is complex and voluminous.